To have good foundation is to practice the Ngondro

So, it is very important to build a good foundation for the practice of this Great Secret, the Great Perfection, Great Wisdom. And to have this good foundation one is to practice the Ngondro and to accomplish the 500,000 Preliminary practices like 100,000 prostrations, 100,000 mandala offering, 100.000 recitations of 100 syllables, and bodhicitta and refuge prayers.

When we take refuge in external Three Jewels, inner Buddha and secret Buddha, that means nothing is left behind

All Buddhas can be in three categories: Guru, Yidam and Dakini. And when we say “We take refuge in Buddhas,” sometimes we don’t know which Buddhas. Therefore, we need to have some specific understandings. When you say: “I take refuge in Three Roots,” or “I have special karmic connections with specific Deities,” so you take refuge in those Deities specifically. Then, when we say “Three Jewels and Three Roots” [these are] the external Buddhas, external objects that we take refuge in.

Selfishness is the main cause to create all negative for self and others

What causes all the troubles and misunderstanding, unhappiness is so-called “selfishness”. Because our nature is ordinary people, we are so much self-centered people. We put ourselves in the best and in the very center and then we try to serve, we try to do anything we can for oneself.

It is necssary to purify the defilements in our mind in order to see the truth

Everything is pure. For us to see things through a pure perceptions is almost impossible. But this doesn’t mean such thing doesn’t exist. Therefore, practicing Varjayana means one tries to develop pure view. One must try [to do] this, otherwise, we are always in samsara, in suffering; there’re no good things, only bad things.