Nyingmapa was established in India before Tibet

Tantrayana was also taught in India. Some tantras were taught by Buddha himself, and some … he transformed into different deities and taught different Tantras

The Longchen Nyingthig Lineage is about the Greatest Peace

The Longchen Nyingthig Lineage is about the Greatest Peace, how to achieve this Great Peace and how to see through the Great Secret of the mind. The Path of Longchen Nyingthig, or the result of the path of the Longchen Nyingthig Lineage is the Great Secret, the highest result which, at that, one can achieve through Dharma practices.

What is the opposite of Dharma?

When we do not study, when we do not practice Dharma, we are heavily polluted by negative emotions.

If they really want to practice Vajrayana then they can

If I want to practice visualizing Buddha or a Yidam should I receive initiation from a Vajra master? I’ve heard visualizing without receiving initiation may create bad karma. If I want to visualize You, may You give us some ritual, ceremony this time?

The human body is a mandala of letters – because of that, people are able to understand the meaning of Dharma

Where does sound come from? That's a question. According to Vajrayana all the sounds, the source of all the sounds in phenomena is from letters or from syllables. And our sound language is based on the letters

Longchen Nyingthik teachings are the most direct way, the shortest way to show, to take to the nature

Today the program is to discuss on the short version, very brief text of Longchen Nyingthik ngondro: Opening the Door to the Naturally Present Inner Clarity.

I will name this Shitro practice The Profound practice of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities that Liberates on Hearing and I will bury this as a treasure to be discovered in the future

The lineage of this Shitro practice is the same as the lineage of Dzogpachenpo. In the Nyingma tradition, in each Tantric practice, there are transmissions of three lineages; the mind lineage, the symbol lineage and the hearing lineage. I will explain more of the hearing lineage of the Shitro practice.

Vajrapani is a unique method to protect sentient beings from diseases – as Buddhist followers we should remember karmas and cause and effect

This new infectious disease that is spreading in China, it affects a lot of people, people's lives and people's mood and a lot of things. and, we are practicing Buddha Dharma, specifically in our monastery we are practicing or we have been practicing wrathful form of [Vajrapani], treasure of Lama Sang reciting the mantra of this sadhana: HUNG BENZA PHAT, HUNG BENZA PHAT which is very blessful and very powerful. This got a very good history.

Buddha eminated as Garab Dorje turned the wheel of Dzogchen teaching

What is the connection between Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings and Dzogpa Chenpo.

Longchen Nyingthik is one of the most profound and [most] important teaching

I usually say people that that all Dharma equally good. Because Dharma is pure, is stainless.

Condensed 84.000 different teachings are put into practice

The 84000 different teachings [were] given by kind Buddha and that is a great size. Very large!