What is the opposite of Dharma? - Longchen Nyingthig Vietnam

What is the opposite of Dharma?

So, what is the opposite of Dharma? Of course, this is mental distractions like ignorance, anger, attachments that are stained, dirty and ugly. When we do not study, when we do not practice Dharma, we are heavily polluted by negative emotions. Negative karmas arise due to our mental kleshas. Therefore, we are not clean, we are not pure and we are not peaceful. I think that we have to purify oneself through Dharma practices and through nectar-like Dharma.

We are not talking about your bodies, about cleaning your faces, not that. Obviously, it is important to clean your face; but the most important is to clean your mind, to clean your hearts through the way of Dharma, through the way of instructions given by our kindest Buddha Shakyamuni. We can show our kindness and sweetness through your eyes, through your smiles but when you are not at peace, when you are angry, unhappy, you look scary to others, even though you are very clean externally. It is true. And when you are at peace, you are compassionate then you are sweet and you are cute although you do not wash your face. If you wish you are sweet to people around, you have to be peaceful, you have to be compassionate. If you wish other people to see you a good person and with gentle mind, you have to be at peace.

 The Longchen Nyingthig Lineage is about the Greatest Peace”, Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche

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