Zangdok Palri

A Joyful Chariot for the Fortunate: An Aspiration to Travel to the Copper-Coloured Mountain of Glory

Within pure personal perception, basic space of indestructible great bliss,/ Is the spontaneously perfected Akaniṣṭha, the web of magical illusion’s display...

Copper-Colored Mountain of Glory The Pure Realm of Padmasambhava

The accounts to be related here concern me, Dawa Drolma, the daughter of Jigmed T’hrogyal of the Tromge clan, a lama who lived in the region of Washul T’hrorn. From the time that I was a small child, I was endowed with a compassionate nature, unbiased faith, and pure vision. My love was strong for all beggars and those less fortunate than I, and I devoted myself to making offerings and giving charity.
Coi Tinh Do Lien Hoa Sanh

Zangdok Palri

Zangdok Palri is in the form of a copper or ruby-colored giant mountain in the shape of a heart or a flower bud. It is situated in “the blue mirror-like magical ocean called Mu-le,” where the Indus river joins the ocean. It is part of Chamara sub-continent and is surrounded by many lands inhabited by rakshas.