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Shitro Practice for the dead

During the 49 days, you should try to do good actions so the dead person can receive some benefits from you. The most traditional way is to send offerings to the monastery to request the Shanga to practice for them. The Shanga probably has more experiences and more power to help them than other people, because we are not that powerful yet and not pure yet.
Nguyen Vang Sanh Cuc Lac Kagma Chagme

Nguyện vãng sanh cực lạc

Đây pháp tu trì của Chagme/ Dù đau tay ta cố soạn nguyện/ Mong sẽ nhiều người được lợi lạc/ Ai muốn sao chép cứ đưa ra/ Không gì ích lợi hơn pháp này/ Chẳng giáo pháp nào thâm sâu hơn/ Đây là cội rễ của các Pháp/ Hãy áp dụng tu, đừng hờ hững/ Vì đây là pháp thuộc Hiển Giáo/ Có thể trì tụng khỏi Khẩu Truyền.

Bốn nhân duyên vãng sanh tịnh độ A di đà

Ở Tây Tạng, từ người dân cho tới các hành giả, ai cũng biết pháp Tịnh độ A Di Đà. Ở Việt Nam và Trung Quốc cũng có pháp Tịnh độ. Ở Tây Tạng, pháp A Di Đà rất phổ biến và rất quan trọng.

The Praise to Mañjuśrī: Glorious Wisdom’s Excellent Qualities

Homage to the guru and the protector venerable Mañjughoṣa!...

Wishing Prayer of Dewachen

E ma Ho! From here, in the direction of the setting sun, beyond a multitude of innumerable worlds, slightly elevated, is the land of the noble beings, the perfectly pure realm of Dewachen...


OM AH HUNG! Fire arises from the letter RAM and consumes the tongue,/ which transforms into a three-spoked Vajra of red light in whose hollow center...

Long Life Prayer for Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche

Since you have attained excellent realization by properly studying, reflecting and/ meditating upon the profound, vast and utterly perfect doctrine of the Buddha...

From the Treasure of Lotus Speech; Herein is the Profound Path of Guru Yoga

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A Stainless Picture Drawn from the Heart: A Prayer for the Refuge Lord Dodrupchen Rinpoche’s Swift Return

E ma ho! Through the power of the auspiciousness of our perfect faith, karma, and prayers...

Secret Path to the Mountain of Glory: A Prayer of Aspiration for the Copper-Coloured Mountain of Glory

OM AH HUNG VARJA GURU PADMA SIDDHI HUNG/ Its nature is completely pure, beyond the conceptual mind, a primordial expanse...

A Joyful Chariot for the Fortunate: An Aspiration to Travel to the Copper-Coloured Mountain of Glory

Within pure personal perception, basic space of indestructible great bliss,/ Is the spontaneously perfected Akaniṣṭha, the web of magical illusion’s display...

Copper-Colored Mountain of Glory The Pure Realm of Padmasambhava

The accounts to be related here concern me, Dawa Drolma, the daughter of Jigmed T’hrogyal of the Tromge clan, a lama who lived in the region of Washul T’hrorn. From the time that I was a small child, I was endowed with a compassionate nature, unbiased faith, and pure vision. My love was strong for all beggars and those less fortunate than I, and I devoted myself to making offerings and giving charity.