Condensed 84.000 different teachings are put into practice

The 84000 different teachings [were] given by kind Buddha and that is a great size. Very large! When we say 84000 different teachings, it is very large and it is difficult [for us] to pick something and to put into practice. As an ordinary [person], like [us], with our mental faculty, it is difficult to do that. So the kind masters, so kind that they made this convenient practices. All these 84.000 teachings are put into a small practice in a very convenient way for practice. And that makes it much easier for us to practice. For example, 84.000 teachings. How big it is? We have the collection of these teachings about 100 volumes. But now because of these wisdom masters, they are so kind that they make it much more convenient for us. They take the essence of all these teachings and put into one small book for us to use for practice. And we will get the same result as we have studied all of these books, all of these teachings. So that is called METHOD in Vajrayana. Vajrayana is very rich and very colorful in different ways. They have many methods, many unique ways to practice, and to give a very effective practice and [practice of] power.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Introduction to Longchen Nyingthik (Part I)”