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Nyingmapa was established in India before Tibet

Tantrayana was also taught in India. Some tantras were taught by Buddha himself, and some … he transformed into different deities and taught different Tantras. The eighty very famous Mahasiddhas from India accomplished their achievements on the path through the practice of secret Tantrayana. So, Tantrayana or secret Vajrayana was established in India and was also very popular. The history of the old translation tradition of Nyingmapa in Tibet was also established in India before it was established in Tibet. The first master, the lineage holder of the Dzogpa Chenpa, was Garab Dorje. And Garab Dorje, Jampal Shenyen, Sri Singha, Jnanasutra, Vimalamitra. All of these were Indian masters who practiced Dzogpa Chenpa, who accomplished great enlightenment through the practice of the Great Perfection, Dzogpa Chenpa tradition.


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