We want to be a real leopad: aware what is real dharma and what is not

People are fighting and competing, having jealous thoughts and so on. So, the reason for us to practice Dharma is to solve this kind of problem that is created by one’s negative thoughts. If we do not work correctly to tame or to destroy this kind of negative thoughts, there’s no reason or there’s no meaning to study Dharma for practice.
So, we do not want to be a Dharma practitioner like donkeys wearing leopard skins (laugh). We wanted to be a real leopard, inside is leopard and outside is leopard, not inside is the donkey while outside is like the tiger. Most of the time we are like this. We have set of the seed which is difficult to eradicate. When we are not able to aware that one being like this and we are like this all the time, then it’s very difficult to realize this problem and really difficult to make changes. We spend our whole life being like this, like a donkey wearing leopard skin for whole life. I think that is a big lose and that is a big, big, big mistake. Therefore, we need to aware what is real Dharma and what is not. If we don’t understand what is good, then we don’t understand what is bad. Then we don’t have the power to change, right? We often think we are already OK, we are already good. So, this is a real problem that is mindset here.

Cited “But at the end, it is all of this lost game”, Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche

Dieu Am cites.