If we try to be dharma politician too much then in the end this is a lost game

Even though you have power, a name, a little fame and maybe a little richness, we lose when we lose our life, everything together. And not only of that, we have to go through difficulties because of our incorrect view and incorrect conducts. But at the same time, as we are too much into these things like this all the time, we don’t see ourselves “how it is like”. We think OK or whatever, but when you don’t see yourself, you are being in the dark. You don’t see yourself because the darkness of your mind is too heavy. Even though you think you are OK but from the view of Buddha Dharma, from the view of other correct people: You were wrong, you are under darkness. Therefore, we need to understand the benefits and the good things about being a real Dharma practitioner. We see everywhere people carrying this, these things, but at the end, it is all of this lost game, everything becomes negative causes for yourself and will also destroy many positive things about Dharma. People have negative views because of the results caused by bad actions of Dharma practitioners.
Here I’m trying to say that if we try to be like Dharma politician too much, then actually, in fact you don’t have anyone you can rely on. Everyone is afraid or everyone is unhappy because of self-fixation, right? Being too much selfish is always negative. Negative power that destroys the connection between the people, good friendship, and many positive things, thus we need to realize the benefit and the positive of being an open, honest and compassionate people.


Cited “But at the end, it is all of this lost game”, Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche

Dieu Am cites.