If one is always up and down, not stable – that means Dharma is not really working

Everything depends on cause and facts therefore conditions sometimes don’t allow me to be in the Zoom. For three Sundays I wasn’t able to be in the Zoom. Still, I know everyone was waiting to listen so it’s good. Your motivation is good. Your participating is good and something positive so that makes me want more to be in the Zoom.

To Eliminate Self-Fixation Is The Essential Point Of Dharma Practice

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche’s teaching 12.02.2023, Zoom Dharma Talk 8     We have talked about many things: what is a bad Dharma practitioner, what is a faithful Dharma practitioner because we want to know the essence of the Dharma. The reason for us to practice Dharma is we are being so selfish and our self-fixation … Read more

But At The End, It Is All Of This Lost Game

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche’s teaching 29.01.2023, Zoom ­­­­­­Dharma Talk 7 We have been complaining (laugh) about everyone a lot, but we have reasons to talk about the faults, because if we do not know the not correct things then we do not know what is real and what is perfect Dharma. So therefore, I have been teaching or … Read more

We Do Not Want To Be In That Crazy Group

 08.01.2023, Zoom   We were talking about how important and how necessary Dharma is for both non-Buddhist and Buddhist people, and the reason for us to talk about this is to understand what is right and what is wrong, what is real Dharma and what is fake Dharma. I think it’s important for us to … Read more

We Should Know Clearly What Is Dharma What Is Not Dharma

We were talking how important Dharma for both non – Buddhist people and Buddhist people. I think we discus quite a lot. Sometimes it’s like being criticizing but when we talk about the benefits of Dharma, why do we need Dharma, then of course, we need the true understanding of the problems of people and society and [how] Dharma can solve many problems in this world.

Like A Fox Trotting Through A Fog

The text of “The Melodious Sound of the Laughter of the Vidyadharas of the Three Lineages” is the brief explanation of the preliminary for the Dzogchen Longchen Nyingthig. This has two parts. The first one is the necessity of contemplating and analyzing the inner meaning of the Dharma. The second one is the main explanation of instructions. In the first one, we there are three small parts.