Nature of mind is combined emptiness and luminosity

So, even when we try to see through the mind we see nothing but it becomes empty like space. But on our ordinaty level we do not think that way. We think mind is something real, something that can create happiness or unhappiness. We think that mind is something real, but the real mind is not like what we think or how we see. It is very different from what we think. We need to see the reality, the real nature of the mind. When we say the mind is emptiness and clarity, two parts, two qualities. Emptiness is like primordial, original purity. [It is] all the time pure. Nature of mind is never poluted by any emotion. Because of that purity, mind has power to see everthing. So it is like the clarity is there, present, being never separated from mind. Mind is always clear and empty naturally. But it is not [empty] like the space or empty like this room, but it luminates. Because of that luminosity it is pure. Because of that emptiness and luminosity combined – the nature of mind is luminosity and emptiness [united] – nothing can pollute it. Like the sky is empty and nothing can polute it.


 Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Introduction to Longchen Nyingthik” (Part II)