To be successful on the path, when you receive teachings, you need to be clear about what you are doing and the requirements that come with it

Sometimes people do not know but people still go around to receive teachings. Even though people don’t know the teachings, the deity and the empowerments and what the importance [of the teachings, empowerments] is and what’s necessary for doing that [teaching, empowerment]; but still they do that. That creates some conditions, of course. There’s nothing you can receive without conditions; but you receive anything, including Dharma teaching and empowerments with a lot of conditions, a lot of requests. Therefore, it’s very important for oneself to be aware of what one is doing, and what kind of requests one is accepting.

For example, when we take refuge in Three Jewels, when we want to become Buddhist person, Buddhist practitioners, are there any conditions to do that? Of course, yes. We have many conditions for us to be able to become a Buddhist, a Dharma practitioner. Can one do whatever one wants after one becomes Buddhist person? The answer is “no”. There are many requests we have to follow; because [there are] all of the conditions that create a Buddhist person – now we have to keep all of them. If we break these conditions, then we break commitments. You are breaking conditions for you to be a Dharma practitioner. So that you are destroying you being Dharma person. So of course we have to aware of this important things, conditions, how they works, what is the connections between these things. Without knowing this, without thinking of this, then I think it is not very useful, not very meaningful to be a Dharma person, because there’s not enough conditions to make oneself more meaningful on the path.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Three Qualities a Dharma Master Should Have (Part II)”