“Dharma politics” can destroy people’s devotion to Buddhist Dharma and destroy Buddha’s Dharma - Longchen Nyingthig Vietnam

“Dharma politics” can destroy people’s devotion to Buddhist Dharma and destroy Buddha’s Dharma

Buddha Shakyamuni said Buddhist teaching is destroyed by the Dharma people. There’re are outer and inner Dharma people. The inner people are very close to the Buddha, to the Dharma; Those people are monks and nuns. And there are many other [kind of] Dharma practitioners. But anyway, all of the people who follow the Buddha are Dharma people. Dharma people can be very dangerous to the Buddha’s teaching, because the Dharma people can destroy our tradition. Buddha said so. How can Dharma people destroy Buddhism? When dharma people have so much desire, so much ignorance, so much jealousy, they can be very dangerous for our own tradition. We can see actually a lot of people who are very jealous and they do a lot of Dharma politics. They try to use Dharma to do things for their own benefits. It’s obvious things nowadays. We can see, we can hear and that’s not very good. That’s very bad for the dharma.

The reason for me, or for the Buddha, to say Dharma people can destroy dharma is that [Dharma] is based on the people’s devotion. The “Dharma politics” can destroy people’s devotion. When Dharma people have so much jealousy, ignorance, desire, particularly desire and jealousy, that can destroy people’s faith, people’s devotion to Buddha and Dharma. Because people do not understand what really Buddha is and what really Dharma is, therefore, people usually watch conduct of Dharma people. If the actions, if the conducts of Dharma people are bad, that can be a cause for these people to lose devotion in [Buddha’s] Dharma. Therefore, this kind of conduct, this kind of action, can destroy people’s positive qualities, positive motivation and positive mind. When people lose their faith and devotion in Buddha’s Dharma, that can destroy Buddha’s Dharma. When [Dharma] people have good conduct, have good actions, that can put some good seeds in people’s mind and that is developing Dharma, that is protecting Dharma. But when [Dharma] people do the opposite of that, then that can destroy the Dharma.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, Dharma Politics – Danger For Buddha’s Dharma”