As long as there is still harmony in the community, the community still survives

Many important Vajrayana texts always talked about importance of good relationship between vajra brothers and sisters. If vajra brothers and sisters break relationship among themselves then this is a very powerful cause to take them to lower realms, to vajra hell. And vajra sisters and brothers should bee to each other more friendly than brothers and sisters from the same parents. And vajra sisters and brothers should be respectful to each other than brothers and sisters of the same family do. Vajrayana depends on pure perception. Especially, perception toward the Guru, and perception toward vajra sisters and brothers from one lineage, one Guru, one mandala. If we do not do that, if we try not to do that, then we are breaking our commitment, we are doing something contradictory to requests that made in teachings in Vajrayana system.

Therefore, harmony is very important. Harmony is important for any community, including Buddhist community. Harmony is very important. When there is no harmony, the community will fall apart. There is no doubt, no question. As long as there is still harmony in the community, the community still continues, still survives. So this is very important for us to do that, to keep harmony. And we should see the importance of [keeping] harmony in the community. To do that we are doing something good for Dharma, for the activities of Buddhism. One should try to keep patient, to be understanding for others.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “There is Still Harmony – the Community Still Continues”