“Guru Yoga” is meditation on Guru

At the same time, when you meditate on Guru Rinpoche, or Guru Yoga, “yoga” also means “practice” or “meditation”. So “Guru Yoga” is meditation on Guru. It’s high meditation. It’s the most specific meditation and also effective meditation. Focusing on the form of Guru has much more quality, much more blessing and much more power than focusing on regular objects. When you meditate on Guru, try to see the form of Guru, style of Guru as clear as possible. Do not think of other things. When a thought arises, one must be aware. Do not follow specifically any object, do not specifically reject, [either], but leave it there and do not lose the strength of focus on the Guru, on visualization. That’s the perfect way of meditation.

 Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, Instructions For Dharma Practice”