We see things so important then we don’t care about dharma - Longchen Nyingthig Vietnam

We see things so important then we don’t care about dharma


“Busy for something” means we are distracted by that busy thing. So, these things, material things, worldly things affect everyone. Everyone is busy for those things. “[This is destructive] in part or completely to their own peace of mind, mutual respect, even belief in the law of karma;” means [one is] distracted by these things then it destroys the understanding or the belief.
Also, we lose respect to each other because we want to accomplish this and that, therefore, we need to compete. “I have to be the best or I have to accomplish before everyone also takes it.” We lose our respect; we are not respectful anymore because of paying too much attention to the material things or worldly stuff. Even [this destroys] belief in the law of karma. Of course, we see things so important then we don’t care about Dharma, and we don’t care about the cause and effect and the karma. We completely forget all of these things then we make a big trouble, we make a big mistake. We have great [things] and everyone – because everyone believe in those things – are very proud, they are very arrogant or something like that. Because if someone has some fame, some position, some wealth, they think they are great. They think they are powerful and they’re different from others. This is really seeing oneself important. So that is not good.


Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “We Should Know Clearly What Is Dharma What Is Not Dharma