All phenomena appear due to many factors, due to interdependent origination

When Buddha turned all of the Dharma wheels, especially Dharma wheel on the Mahayana and one the Prajnaparamita, Buddha teaches all phenomena exist due to many factors, due to interdependent origination. There is nothing exists truly or has its nature, but according to a lot of conditions; and things, phenomena do not have essence, do not have any nature. All phenomena don’t know how to be born without conditions. They appear through many reasons, through many factors, through many parts. That is called interdependent origination. And when one try to understand the view of interdependent [arising], then one sees how things truly exist. What kind of nature, what kind of essence things obtain? How they grow, how they appear, how they arise? Then we understand better how they’re born, how our phenomena appear.

 Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, Interdependent Origination and Non-Violence