If there is no devotion, then no Dharma actually, smartness and knowledge are not working properly

When no faith, even you are in the environment of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, there was no use. And even you can make such situation dangerous for yourself. Whenever I talk about these things. Maybe my speech is very familiar to you. You may think: “Oh Rinpoche, we are talking about the devotion!” Because the devotion is such important [thing]. Because if there is no devotion, then no Dharma actually. Smartness and knowledge are not working properly. Even though you know a lot of Sutras, you become a great geshe, or a great khenpo, but having no faith you are empty.

An empty form, empty mind. Nothing. Therefore, if you want to accomplish something for your path, for your life through practicing the Dharma, you must understand the essence and what is the most effective condition.

 Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “DEVOTION IS ESSENTIAL – Not Intellighence or Smartness”