We should have very pure, very kind mind in order to have kind and sweet actions - Longchen Nyingthig Vietnam

We should have very pure, very kind mind in order to have kind and sweet actions

The action should be peaceful action, always requested by the Buddha teaching. Therefore, we have to have a good way of creating non-violence action or karma, conduct. Also, motivation in the mind. We have to have a good mind, so that we can have good action. We should have very pure or very kind mind so that we can have kind action and sweet action.

We should study how to practice compassion and kindness, bodhicitta so that our conduct, our action be more genuine, softer, more peaceful. Because every motivation [should be] compassion, then it is very beautiful to have a good conduct, non-violence conduct. So, the essence of all the 84000 teachings of the Buddha is enlightenment motivation, Bodhicitta. Bodhicitta is center of all Buddha’s teachings. Bodhicitta is the best condition, best cause for anyone training the mind to create good action, to create genuine compassionate action.

Any Dharma practice, any good action, one tries to accomplish, one must not forget thinking of this compassion and Bodhicitta development. By only that way one is able to accomplish something real, something meaningful, something that is truly beneficial for everyone, including oneself. When one forgets enlightenment motivation, when one is going to practice [but] loses the essence for that practice, one does not achieve such a good result. Therefore, it is important part to remember: to train one’s mind through enlightenment motivation.


Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Interdependent Origination and Non-Violence”