The first important quality to be a [good] Dharma students is honesty

The first of three important qualities to be a [good] Dharma students is honesty. Honesty is very important. For students, to be honest is very important.

Sometimes, students even though they have knowledge, they are able to distinguish between good and bad about someone. But because maybe someone is very close to oneself, someone who has some connections; because of that, one doesn’t want to say anything, do anything, even though one see something that is not very correct on the person, the teacher. Sometimes, even though they see a very qualified and very good teacher, but because they have dishonest mind, they do not accept, they do not try to appreciate those qualities. Therefore, honesty is the first thing, the first quality for one to be a good student.

 Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Three Qualities a Dharma Master Should Have (Part I)”