All these great results come from the conduct of the Great Sangha who have been practicing little attachment and great contentment

The number of practitioners in the sangha has increased since Lamasang passed away. Also, we have built more retreat centers to practice Dzogpa Chenpo, the Great Perfection. The first group of three-year retreatants just came out last month, and now the new group has begun their retreat. There are 26 people in the Dzogpa Chenpo retreat, and 16 people in the Vajra Kilaya and Black Wrathful Vajra Yogini retreats.

The three education facilities, the Dharma school at the monastery for the monks, the yogi center for the yogis, and the center for the nuns at the nunnery are all doing well. They have been very successful in producing well educated monks, yogis, and nuns. Our level of study is at the top for all the monasteries in the Golog region, maybe for most monasteries in Tibet.

These are successes that we really want to see. This kind of success is important at the monastery because it’s a Buddhist monastery. This is why Lamasang, who really hoped for this community to be successful on the path, passed this responsibility on to me.

All these great results did not come from nothing or wrong causes. They came from genuine understanding, deep wisdom, pure devotion, and the diligence of the Great Sangha, which has been practicing little attachment and great contentment. […]

If there is no vital Great Sangha ornamented by the three trainings, the monastery is only a tourist site, or perhaps a business center, which no one wishes the monastery to become.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, Our Samaya with Lamasang”