To practice Dharma we need a lot of patience and diligence

It’s not proper that one has got some teaching and then does nothing. Or one puts in some hope “I will be liberated” – that’s not enough. The correct way is that once you know how to practice you have to put it into practice continuously, diligently. One should not let his/her mood lead: when the mood is good we practice, when it’s bad then no more practice. We forget about Dharma. It doesn’t work.
To practice Dharma we need a lot of patience and diligence. Because of our bad habitual tendencies we don’t have enough patience for Dharma practice. We lose our patience many times. We also get distracted easily by various things and issues of our lives. All of this actually creates obstacles for improving our Dharma practice. We should be careful, be aware of all that. And apply the correct method to improve the way we think, the way we learn. So, we’ll be able to improve our mind.

 Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Viet Nam – 2012