Letter from Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche to Longchenpa’s anniversary 2019

Dear all Dharma sisters and brothers,


Time does not go slowly, and it has been almost a year since the last Longchenpa anniversary. The great Dzogchen master, the founder of the Dzogpa Chenpo tradition in the snowy land of Tibet, Gyalwa Longchen Rabgam’s anniversary is coming soon.

We, as practitioners of Dzogchen, should not forget this important time, and remember the anniversay of the day that he went to enlightenment.

We will gather to practice Longchenpa’s guru yoga and offering ceremony in the morning and afternoon – two sections on the day of the 18th on the Tibetan calendar, and the 23d of January, 2019, here in Longen monastery.

One can accumulate great merit through memorializing the kind master and the activities of his profound teachings and wisdom mind. It is a special time that one should make offerings and pray to him on the anniversary day.

The tradition in Tibet to memorialize an enlightened being, is to collect many offering items such as flowers, butter lamps, lights, incense and so on. There will be thousands of butter lamps and beautiful lights in our monastery in the evening for Longchenpa’s anniversary.

Every one of you are included in any virtuous activity we do here and we will keep all of you in our thoughts and hearts, specifically on this wonderful day. Please remember this, and rejoice with us faithfully, so that everyone of us will earn immeasurable merit.

Thank you so much for every one’s loving hearts and kind faces. May there be lots of happiness and celebrations in your activities.


Hungkar Dorje

January 18, 2019