A Brightness from the Thangka of Sarasvati at my home

I usually get up at 2-4 am and walk around in my shrine room to be awake before doing my practice every day. This morning was the same. When I was just going to turn the lights on, I noticed there was a light that was glowing from the Sarasvati in the thangka. I went in front of it to stare at the Thangka a while without any thoughts. Then I had a thought to take some pictures, so I went to my bedroom to bring back my phone. When I camo back to the thangka, the light was obviously less bright and after I took a few pictures, the light dissolved into the absolute darkness. With my own eyes, directly, I perceived this. Therefore, I just wanted to share it with you as a small gift.

On the 25th of the 8th month, the year of earth pig of the Tibetan calendar.


Hungkar Dorje