So you have received many empowerments this time. I also have given you many empowerments. And of course I know many of you have received many empowerments before this time. What makes the empowerment useful is to keep the commitment, the samayas related to those empowerments and to know what kind of commitments, requirements related to these empowerments, these teachings.

Kurukulle Gives Sentient Beings Power To Overcome Fear

So, today the program is about Red Tara – The Empowerment of Red Tara. And we believe that Red Tara is very popular. A lot of people practice Tara. So, I think, it is familiar to you. But, Tara means someone who can save people from different dangers, from different fears. That is the meaning of the name of Tara.

Viet Nam – 2012

I know many of Vietnamese Buddhists, they are very faithful, very religious people. They have a lot of faith, devotion to Buddha, Dharma and Tibetan Buddhism. That means there is very good karmic connection between us, and between you and Dharma. I have been to Vietnam four times and I have seen many many people with a lot of faith, have seen many beautiful places and it’s very nice to see that again. But it’s more wishful to see people with kind heart, faithful people, and honest people again. Being with people who try hard for improving oneself, for being better Dharma practitioners is always very wishful and there is more wish to see that.

The Mind Journeyed to the State of Peace

“One thing we should understand in terms of the view of interdependence is that each and every phenomenon has its own source and reason for being. And so there is a reason why we have come to know one another so well and become such good friends. The reason for this is the presence of conducive conditions and the existence of outstanding aspirations; we can be quite sure about that.

Message of Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche on March 8

To all great woman beautiful as lotus, your nature is bright like rainbow that vividly present in my heart, you all have done so much work and have put so much love for the humanity.