DEVOTION IS ESSENTIAL – Not Intellighence or Smartness

The inner confidence – when you’re doing something correct; especially meditate on non-conception, like emptiness or meditate on Rigpa, awareness – there are no concepts, no thoughts. Whether you’re doing it correctly or not – you need to have a clear instruction first. Then you have to make a custom to remain in nature

Shitro Practice for the Dead

That means “all the Buddhas”. If you talk about time, there are three times: past, now and future. If you talk about directions, there are ten directions. So talking about the Buddha, there must be one of those three times and one of those ten directions. Basically, “all the Buddhas”, no Buddha is left behind.

Instructions For Dharma Practice

So when you visualize yourself, you totally become Varjayogini. You don’t need to think the second of me is here, on top of that Varjayogini, seating on top of me or something like that. It’s not a good way of thinking. It’s also called attachment, grasping. It’s wrong view. Therefore, we need to think: “I am, I am the Deity, I am the Varjakilaya.” When you are visualizing, you should think that way and believe that way. Then slowly, slowly, you eventually will become a Buddha. But [if] you always think: “I. me. I am ordinary person. I am Vietnamese. I am American”, you’ll never become a Buddha.” There’s no American Buddha, sure? (laughing). No Buddha is a citizen of Vietnam. No?

Please Keep This Good Habit of Practicing

The An Lac Dharma friends make report to Rinpoche about their daily practice sessions via Zoom/Gotomeeting, every day from 4.30 am, which include meditation, daily prayers, ngondro.

GURU YOGA: The Practice of Pure View

I often mentioned the qualities of the student. They’re not many. Of course, there can be many but there are some very important or three principal qualities for students to be good students.

GURU YOGA: Bless Me So That Delusion On The Path Will Cease

The idea to practice Guru Yoga is to receive the blessing from Guru, which means one becomes inseparable from Guru. One doesn’t have to have too many thoughts but only faith, only mindfulness, only visualization of Guru. That’s the result of the practice Guru Yoga. And the high masters like Milarepa really achieved that kind of result and reached that kind of level. In his mind, there’s no physical, regular guru separated from him, therefore he was able to receive all the blessings, all the power from Guru.