Journey to Monastery LungNgon Golog in Winter

Hearing about winter on snowy mountains always below 0 degrees makes everyone feel cold and scared.  In addition, lack of oxygen and dry air are serious problems when going there.

On our spiritual path we all have to go through difficulties and challenges.  And this is the motivation for us to experience difficulties together, to overcome our own favorite daily habits, the habits that we have indulged in for many lifetimes until now, forming our own shape.

But unexpectedly, when we face with those difficulties, we will find interesting things in our own mind.  Due to that, we see ourself more clearly.

With Hungkar Rinpoche’s boundless compassion is the driving force and inspiration that leads us to the path of liberation.  Because Rinpoche knew that the path was difficult and his disciples were willing to commit themselves to the path of liberation, Rinpoche prepared quite suitable means for us so that we would not feel as difficult and fearful as we thought.

The rooms are clean and warm all the times while we are here.  Warm, soft blankets, electric blankets and beds have been fully prepared for us, including internet, heater and an electric boiling water.  There are always a thermos hot water and water bucket in the room for personal hygiene.

Pure quality vegetarian food, lots of stir-fried vegetables, delicious cooking with a rich, clean taste are carefully prepared with love by the nuns in monastery.  Every morning there are white porridge with pickled radish or varieties nutritious beans porridge and eggs, bread made fresh every day.  Hot milk tea is ready for us to use all day long.  Fresh fruits and snacks are plenty arranged on the table ready for use.

Even though the toilet is in a pristine era, this is also a great challenge to measure one’s own patience and endurance!  Due to what we have to go out to do personal hygiene in the morning, we found an interesting feeling when stepping out in a quiet space, snow still lingering on tree branches, shimmering clouds of stars, each step moving, each step breathing with the heartbeat, we found harmony with the outer space, creating a source of profound peace that permeates the heart.

Rinpoche always cares and asks about us when we are here.  Oxygen tanks, water oxygen  medicine and herbal medicine are always well carefully prepared so that when we feel dizzy, have a headache or want to vomit, we can be responded right away.  In addition, Oxygen Extreme from America also helps our breathing while we are here.

Experience going to Golog in the winter means the air is dry, so your nose needs to be constantly anointed with Vaseline if necessary to avoid nosebleeds, not just on the outside of the skin but on the inside, because the skin inside the nose is very thin.  Cold, dry air can easily cause scratches on the skin inside.

When walking or doing whatever, slowly slow down and beat your breathing in time.  Because of the lack of oxygen, we often gasp for breath at the normal rate we usually do.  So this is a great opportunity for us to practice mindfulness and awareness with every step and every breath.  In addition, external and internal energies help us feel light and feel like we are walking on clouds.  How happy it is as  we have escaped the heavy worldly situation on earth and are floating lightly in the clouds of bliss.

This is a journey that helps us purify both body and mind.


Written by Thuy Thubten Lhamo in monastery LungNgon Golog in winter Feb 2024