Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche’s Letter about Tulku Tupal

Dear Mai & all Dharma friends. Hope everything is going the correct both Dharma and worldly Dharma way.

People have been kindly thinking and talking about Tulku Tupal the yogi who just passed away in our monastery, which of course is very sweet of you all.
He was a good person, good yogi and was helpful to his community, there for, we formally arranged everything from beginning until the cremation ended to see him off.
People are sending some donations for funeral rite, I already have some plans to make a small Buddha statue or a Tangka to display it in the monastery to remove obstacles on his path and to recollect him.
Some people wonder if need to recite the prayer that I wrote for him, of course, it’s up to the people to recite it or not and it’s obsoletely fine if people don’t have time to recite it.
I am behalf on him and his family to thank you all very very much to kindly gave a lot of supports. Hungkar”








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