Whatever Guru says, you accept and there is no doubt - but now we are not like that

Then to be able to recognize that kind of view, we need to practice Guru Yoga first, a lot, to establish the good, genuine, strong and unchangeable devotion to the Guru. It means whatever Guru says, you accept and there is no doubt. No second thought. Just only “YES” to anything that Guru says. But now we are not like that. We argue, we use our intelligence in our mind to fight and to argue with our Guru. You say Guru said something but that may be not correct. As long as you have that kind of conception and thought in your mind, you are not merging in that state yet. That means no conception, no thought but very confident, very calm, like very genuine believing inside. Also it is not the same as MIND IS believing in something. This is different from that. But natural believing and natural mindfulness and natural awareness and confidence.

 Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “DEVOTION IS ESSENTIAL – Not Intellighence or Smartness”