Becoming lax by following after our mind without examining, we can be fail badly

Over 2 million people have lost their lives in the world and still it is dangerously and quickly spreading. It has not only taken away people’s lives, but, also, it has been a big problem for the economy, all over the world.

Everyone has heard, maybe too many times, about the teachings on the difficulty of finding and obtaining the freedoms and endowments of a human life and the teachings on impermanence. But this disease has been an inescapable teaching that has really shown us impermanence.

Human life is difficult to obtain but easy to destroy. Even these very small viruses can destroy our lives. Therefore, we shouldn’t be arrogant or egotistical because nothing really belongs to us permanently, only the mind. Yet we have traveled since beginningless time with our minds without examining whether what we pick up from our mind stream is valid.

We have become lax, by following after our mind without examining and without understanding its nature. So, we become more ignorant, more attached, very angry, arrogant, jealous, and very willful, but in the end just willful and angry. We still need to seek greater wisdom and peace, in order for our lives to be happier. People, including us, try everything possible to attain happiness, and we even try practicing the Dharma to feel some peace but oftentimes we fail badly.

 Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, Our Samaya with Lamasang”