In order to have great motivation, we must see the sufferings, to see troubles of samsara

To develop Bodhicitta, to develop renunciation, it is very important for a Dharma practitioner to see things in the society, to see problems, to see sufferings, to see troubles that are in society. Without seeing this, without knowing this, one does not have interest to develop this motivation. But when one sees such problems, such things, then one understands: “This is not something that I want. This is not only value that one wants to achieve. There must be something better, something pure, and meaningful.” And then one tries to think.

But there is almost no chances for us to develop [that motivation], because we don’t think. We don’t know and we think everything seems ok, everything seems perfect. And we don’t do anything, just continue to do things that we do regularly. But when one sees a lot of problems then that makes one have a different idea. That’s a very good way for us to understand the reality of society or reality of samsara.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, Interdependent Origination and Non-Violence”