Dharma may not work as we wish due to lack of good conditions: faith, understanding, honesty, diligence

Many of you have heard of the Great Master Milarepa. And many of you have had chances to read His biography. So you would probably understand how difficult it was for Him to get authentic teaching, profound teaching from His Master. And many masters who have met the same situations as Milarepa did. Therefore to really receive the profound teaching, authentic teachings one must go through some conditions, some difficulties. One must accept some conditions.

Dharma teachings and practice only work for people who are suitable to practice. Many people are not that suitable because they are not that faithful, not that knowledgeable, not that honest, not that diligent. Therefore sometimes Dharma does not work very well as we wish because Dharma still depends on conditions. The result, the blessing of Dharma depends on conditions.

 Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “There is Still Harmony – the Community Still Continues”