Dzogchen doesn't use any sort of knowledge and it's a little difficult to be in that nature

“There are those who primarily meditate on the Dzogchen luminosity, which teaches that on reaching the limit of the practice of the subtle mind…” It’s a like different people or different teachings have different ways of understanding Buddha nature and different understandings how to meditate on. Sometimes, the very profound mind or very subtle mind that realize or meditates on the Buddha nature but the way that Dzogchen teaching teach is different. They say it is not be mind. So subtle mind and wisdom are different things. Dzogchen luminosity or awareness or Rigpa it’s not really using our knowledge but the natural wisdom. So that’s the limit of the practice of the subtle mind. Dzogchen doesn’t use any sort of knowledge and it’s a little difficult to be in that nature. So therefore, “there is said to not be ‘mind’ and a distinction is made between mind and intrinsic awareness.” That’s two different things. Then many other teachings Sutras and Tantras also talk about luminosity but the probably using sort of subtle mind to realize, to mediate. In Dzogpachenpo teaching [this] is limit or [it] criticize to meditate with the knowledge. So, this teaching makes it clear is the distinction between the mind and intrinsic awareness.

To have a continued, non-broken and Very clean lineage”, Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche

Quoted by An Nhan