To see others’ mistakes is a way to check if we are doing the real dharma or not

It is very difficult to have a correct or high realization for those so- called like geshe or high beings or high masters. Then of course, it is very difficult for ordinary people to have a correct or high realization. Therefore, it is difficult for both: special people or so-called high position people and both like ordinary people. Therefore, we need to understand that reality, think correctly and meditate correctly and diligently to have true realization. If we look carefully, we’ll see “Both we and they still have the same affection for the world, and we have aversion and attachment to the basis of the Dharma. But ordinary beings do not have this residual fault of following worldly practices while being in a powerful position.” So, since we, including me, act in a position as Dharma teacher or held a special title (name), we need to try very hard to be better, to be a more real Dharma practitioner than ordinary people. Because if we aren’t endeavored to do that, then the faults or mistakes that we make are bigger than those created by ordinary people. Hence, for those people like me, we are using Dharma to lead people and to make their life more beneficial. We should be a better leader, a pure leader.


Cited “But at the end, it is all of this lost game”, Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche

Dieu Am cites.