Guru not only knows you but also knows everything of you

“Kind and precious root lama who knows me.” The Guru is kind and precious because due to His kindness we’re able to receive teachings and to be taken to the correct path. “Knowing”. The Guru has to know you, because that’s the Guru and you’re His student. Still, this is not only about knowing about student, but also knowing you’re in a dangerous situation. As I described to you yesterday, if we are not careful we may go down because we have so much ignorance and so much negative karma. Therefore, “I am in a great danger, so please protect me.” You know me, protect me because you know I’m in a in a dangerous situation. He not only knows you but also knows everything of you. Therefore, he is very kind and very, very precious. And then these are real prayers to [ask] the Guru to give us blessings to go through all the dangers: “Bless me so that my mind will turn to the Dharma.” Our mind will follow Dharma or not is depends on the Guru. Very much dependent on the Guru so Guru has to be very good, very qualified, and very compassionate. “Lama Khyen!” It’s more like calling the Lama because you feel you’re in a danger. You’re fearful now. When we are scared of something, we say “O’ Buddha!” or “Adida Phat”, right? It’s the same thing. You are calling the Guru, not “Guru you know me”, but you’re in danger and you try to get help from your Guru. It’s different from when people say “Oh my God”, right? It’s a different from when someone is surprised by something and say “Oh my God!” But this is not like that. This is when you feel something dangerous, then you need help from Buddha or from your Guru. Therefore, you’re calling “Lama Khyen”, or “Buddha Khyen”, or “Guru Rinpoche Khyen”. That’s how we express our sort of feeling or faith.


Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, GURU YOGA: Bless Me So That Delusion on The Path Will Cease”