The Guru is the most important teacher - other teachers are not able to give us such realization

I actually explained earlier. One student may have many teachers but “Root” means the main teacher. Then come to “Yoga”. “Yoga” is like a union in fundamental reality. “Yoga” is the realization of that happy state. For a dharma practitioner, the main reason to go for dharma practice is to have that realization, the genuine realization. And that has to rely on the meditation. What kind of meditation? That is meditation on the instructions of the Guru, the meaning of the instructions given by one’s Guru. If one is able to follow the instructions exactly, and if one is able to be diligent to practice, or to be enough diligent to practice the instructions, then one can realize, or can have that realization. That’s the goal. That’s at the highest goal you can achieve on the path. That highest achievement is actually gifted by the Guru. So therefore, the guru is the most kind of person, most important person, and most main person, main teacher, because many other teachers they are not really able to give such realization.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “GURU YOGA – Guru Yoga from Longchen Nyingthik Lineage”