Listen to know how to practice properly – that is important

It’s normal for everywhere and in Tibet when people meet with lamas or Rinpoches they get excited. It’s OK to get excited about Rinpoches and lamas. But benefit to get from that is not only to see, but to listen to what lamas, teachers say, to what they teach. To listen to that and to take that as a lesson is the most important.
For people, for disciples, the important part is to listen, to study. To take whatever they hear as serious and apply all that to their daily life; to take that as remedy to reduce negative thoughts in their mind. That is the most important part.
Important part for the teacher is to teach students in a correct way. It doesn’t have to be profound but it has to be much directed and upon the problems and suit the students’ level. That’s the correct way of teaching.
Many of you probably have seen many teachers and have heard teachings from many lamas: Tibetan lamas or teachers from other traditions of Buddhism. It doesn’t matter Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism or Vietnamese Buddhism -the foundation of Buddhism is the same. To understand the foundation of that religion is very important. It’s not important to say: “I’m from such and such lineage, tradition”. It’s important to understand the lineage and lineage masters, how to practice, and how to know to practice. That is important.

 Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Viet Nam – 2012″