A human life is really meaningful when we treat each other with sincere love - Longchen Nyingthig Vietnam

A human life is really meaningful when we treat each other with sincere love

The humans are considered to have higher or better existences because of the thoughts and behavior we have, just as we can see the difference in thought, conduct, and happiness between us humans and those in the animal realm.

How do we bring out the specific qualities and special attributes of a human existence?

If in our human existence the specific qualities of our motivation and conduct are limited to eating food, taking care of families, having sexual intercourse, and being angry with each other, then we will not be any better than animals. We can see that animals also take care of their offspring, and they sustain their lives by killing and eating each other. Therefore, we as humans should have a superior existence through our good motivation and good conduct.

This world of ours is said to be a human world, the realm of human beings, and as it is a human realm it should be a realm that is brightly colored by love and peace. The human race has grown through love, especially the love of mothers. Without thoughts of love and friendliness the face of human happiness would vanish.

Love is like a seed and love is like sunlight, through which the flowers of happiness and peace grow. The beauty and power that results is the most important thing for us to seek.

A human life that has love as its foundation will be serene and a life spent within the walls of love is life that we can trust.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche

Tu Từ Bi