Dharma tames our mind, gives blessing and protects us

What can Dharma do? To make our mind better. Why does our mind need to be better due to Dharma as remedy. As I said earlier, our mind is not perfect. It has impurity. So, it has much chance to mistake. As our mind is not perfect we have to do something. What does Dharma do? It’s to subdue wild mind, to tame the wild mind, to make mind more peaceful. So that is called Dharma.
Dharma works when one’s mind becomes more peaceful, more calm, more tamed. When that happens we are practicing. Very often although we say we are practicing Dharma, we have faith in Dharma but maybe Dharma is not working for us. It’s because our mind is still very wild, very wrathful and aggressive. When that happens, when people have a lot of anger, very wild, very aggressive that means their practice is not going well. Therefore, we need to know the real meaning, the work of Dharma, try to use that over, over and over. When we have problems, we have anger, attachment, jealousy, and when negative emotions are going around in our mind we need more Dharma. That is how we apply Dharma in daily life to tame our wild mind.
There are two main qualities of Dharma: one is to subdue mental distractions, the other is to protect from samsara. In general, Dharma means to tame our mind and to protect. Whenever one is doing genuine Dharma one is trying to reduce his negative emotions and to protect one from falling into lower realms, from samsara. That’s two things that make one a perfect Dharma practitioner.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Viet Nam – 2012