Dzogchen Dharma is a speed spaceship

Liberation or Buddhahood is the same in [all] Buddha’s teachings, and Sutra Yana and Tantra Yana, everywhere. Like a place, for example. Liberation is like a place, we want to go there. But how we go? That is a question. And then, we must have a good transportation to go there. The teachings are different transportations and Vajrayana is one of the fastest transportations to liberation. Dzogchen is even faster like a spaceship, very fast to go there. So, that’s why it is special and very profound. The nature of the mind is like space. It is the greatest space. But to be there, again we need a way to be there. That is of the uses of the teaching of Dzogchen. One is using a spaceship to be in that space.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche, “Introduction to Longchen Nyingthik (Part II)”