Anger is a very strong emotion that destroys the condition for one to be an honest person

There is another emotion called “anger” which is also the main cause for people to be dishonest. A very aggressive person cannot be honest, because that kind of negative emotion destroys positive thoughts. Therefore, anger is a very strong emotion that destroys the condition for one to be an honest person. When some being very aggressive, very angry, he/she is ready destroy others, others’ peace, others’ good [things]. Human beings, naturally, have emotions, but there are people whose emotions are very very strong, very very aggressive. In this case, people should understand well and try to reduce this kind of negative emotion. It’s because it’s not only bad for one, but it’s also bad for others as well. In short, very strong attachments, very strong angers are the main cause for us to be always dishonest, or always make mistakes, always bring obstacles to ourselves and to our Dharma practice as well. When people say they are unhappy, then of course they lack peace. What reduce this kind of peace, or energy is the negative emotions I’ve mentioned earlier, especially hatred, anger and jealousy. Those are three types of negative emotions in our mind. Whenever those emotions arise in people’s mind, they lose inner peace. When there is not enough peace, you’re unhappy. You are very distressed by these negative emotions. So these negative emotions create negative karmas, create obstacles for one and others as well. Therefore, to understand the harm of these negative emotions is needed to be an honest person, to be a Dharma practitioner. Try to understand the negative effect of negative emotions is called ‘mind training’ -to change your mind, the way your mind sees things. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to really create good and pure peace in the mind. There is no way to practice Dharma if not reduce negative thoughts. Without changing this [negative] kind of view there is no way to receive power and benefit from Dharma. We have to train our mind and this is called Dharma practice.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche

Quán Tâm Tham - Sân