Tame your mind first when you try to work for others

It is really something that we need to be very careful. Dharma is only for the liberation. Pure Dharma is the Dharma. Worldly dharma is not Dharma. So if we use the Dharma for your life, like this time, for worldly stuff like possession, money or fame or whatever, then Dharma becomes a poison. It really harms oneself. It created many conditions or causes to bring unhappiness and suffering to oneself in the future and at the same time it harms others because it brings an impure view from other people towards Dharma. Because they think, “Oh Dharma is like that? Oh, it’s the same as other people who try to achieve something for this life!” Therefore, Dharma people in general and those who have responsibilities in Dharma groups or organization in particular have to understand this reality and try to tame oneself first, then try to work for others. At least at the same time. Working for the Dharma means you work to tame yourself first and to tame others. This is the correct way to work for Dharma.

Cited “But at the end, it is all of this lost game”, Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche

Dieu Am cites.