Like a Fox Trotting Through a Fog

25.12.2022, Zoom (excerpt) The text of “The Melodious Sound of the Laughter of the Vidyadharas of the Three Lineages” is the brief explanation of the preliminary for the Dzogchen Longchen Nyingthig. This has two parts. The first one is the necessity of contemplating and analyzing the inner meaning of the Dharma. The second one is ... Read more


The name is “The Sound of the Vidyadharas”, “Laughter of Vidyadharas”, or the “The Melodious sound of the Laughter “, we could say the sound of the Vidyadharas. But the sound is the Laughter, the Laughing sound, which means something special, precious sounds of the laughter, of the Vidyadharas.

We Should Know Clearly What Is Dharma What Is Not Dharma

We were talking how important Dharma for both non - Buddhist people and Buddhist people. I think we discus quite a lot. Sometimes it's like being criticizing but when we talk about the benefits of Dharma, why do we need Dharma, then of course, we need the true understanding of the problems of people and society and [how] Dharma can solve many problems in this world.