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Message of Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche on December 13, 23

Dear Dharma friends, ❤❤❤ With love and gratitude, we share with you the message of Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche posted on wechat on December 13, 23:

Like a Fox Trotting Through a Fog

25.12.2022, Zoom (excerpt) The text of “The Melodious Sound of the Laughter of the Vidyadharas of the Three Lineages” is the brief explanation of the preliminary for the Dzogchen Longchen Nyingthig. This has two parts. The first one is the necessity of contemplating and analyzing the inner meaning of the Dharma. The second one is ... Read more


The name is “The Sound of the Vidyadharas”, “Laughter of Vidyadharas”, or the “The Melodious sound of the Laughter “, we could say the sound of the Vidyadharas. But the sound is the Laughter, the Laughing sound, which means something special, precious sounds of the laughter, of the Vidyadharas.

Heartfelt Greetings on the Tibetan New Year

A pure Samaya or good connection between the teacher and the students is more important than anything, but an impure connection is more harmful than anything.

We Should Know Clearly What Is Dharma What Is Not Dharma

We were talking how important Dharma for both non - Buddhist people and Buddhist people. I think we discus quite a lot. Sometimes it's like being criticizing but when we talk about the benefits of Dharma, why do we need Dharma, then of course, we need the true understanding of the problems of people and society and [how] Dharma can solve many problems in this world.

The Amazing Story Behind 100-Year-Old Lady

One morning of the 11th day of the 8th month of Tibetan calendar, when we visit some families of Gotsa lineage living around our monastery, we celebrate those who reach the age of 80 and auspicious 100th-birthday of a lady of the Ra family, Dondrub Drolma.

Our Joy, Bringing The Great Stupa Into The Future

The Great Stupa was built in 1997 by our beloved, kind guru Lamasang, in fulfillment of the prophesies of Vajrapani, Guru Rinpoche and many other enlightened ones. Lamasang’s building of the Great Stupa preserves the teachings and brings peace and prosperity for everyone in the human world.

A Vibrant Feeling of a Tree Tied Up With Strings

Oh, Panchen la, the Precious One! The sky over us used to be so vast, bright and blue when you were adorned with the white shell, spreading your wings among the clouds and giving us great teachings like the sound of thunder.

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche’s Letter about Tulku Tupal

Dear Mai & all Dharma friends. Hope everything is going the correct both Dharma and worldly Dharma way.

Vajrapani Practice – The Message from Guru

 The covid virus is so so powerful due to the bad karma of humans. The powers of Buddhas and bodhisattvas are inconceivable but heavy karma of humanity is also very very strong so we still need to be very careful to avoid from getting the Covid although we practice Dharma as protection. Of course, there is no ensure even though you practice profound dharma practices due to not enough pure view and not enough recitations and so on.

Meat or Flesh Should Come From Lives   

Tashi Delek! Dear everyone. I hope everyone is doing good. And this is so-called Saka Dawa or Vaisakhi. A very important month, very important Dharma day because our great Teacher, Compassionate Buddha Shakyamuni was born, reached Buddhahood and went to Nirvana. So this becomes very important month for us as Buddhist practitioners.

Developing a Green Lungon Monastery

Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche of Lungon Monastery is a lover of the nature - He is always interested in protecting the natural environment. In recent years, more than 10,000 trees have been planted in the Monastery and in the surrounding mountains. The work of maintaining and protecting trees is also maintained continuously every year.