A Vibrant Feeling of a Tree Tied Up With Strings

 On the 30th Anniversary of Panchen Lama


Oh, Panchen la, the Precious One! The sky over us used to be so vast, bright and blue when you were adorned with the white shell, spreading your wings among the clouds and giving us great teachings like the sound of thunder.
Oh, Panchen la, the Precious One! How magnificent and splendid the snow mountains once were when you stood up high like a mountain with your turquoise mane and roared like the lion!
Oh, Panchen la, the Precious One! How deep and immense our mind once were, when you were decorated with charming patterns, smiling like the rainbow and giving us the guidance with the voice of peacock.
Oh, Panchen la! All [the memories of You] are all crystal clear under the bottom of our mind: your brave patriotism, your compassionate love to our race, your pure dedication to Dharma, your powerful arms of solidarity, your foot prints of abidance to the laws,
Each and every affection and dedication, each and every smile and heartfelt advice, each and every hardship and effort,
All your achievements, all your hope and aspirations.
And they are dancing as the nectar in the most precious vessels in our hearts.
We thank you, your Holiness! The benevolent One!