Our Joy, Bringing The Great Stupa Into The Future

 Dear Dharma friends,

I am happy to share the information that we are repairing our Great Stupa, because of normal wear from extreme weather.

The Great Stupa was built in 1997 by our beloved, kind guru Lamasang, in fulfillment of the prophesies of Vajrapani, Guru Rinpoche and many other enlightened ones. Lamasang’s building of the Great Stupa preserves the teachings and brings peace and prosperity for everyone in the human world.

Buildings are much more difficult to maintain on the high land of the Tibetan Plateau. The Great Stupa was last repaired in 2006-2007, and now we have no option but to repair it again. This is the third time we’ve repaired it. The second time was a very big repair, that was really almost like rebuilding. This is not only repair now, but addition of sacred artwork to white stone.

The stupa has a powerful history of providing blessings to the people who have come to the stupa seeking blessings when sick or when confronted by obstacles. Also the Great Stupa reveals many other qualities and interesting values.

The whole cost of the repair this time is over 4 million Chinese yuan. We appreciate and look forward to dedicating your contributions and considerations to this extremely important work. Thank you very much.


Hungkar Dorje