Heartfelt Greetings on the Tibetan New Year

All Dharma friends, especially dharma friends who have karmic connections with our dear Lamasang, and myself.
I sincerely send all of you sweet greetings for the New Year, for both the Tibetan and the lunar calendar.
Last month I sent a long letter, to those with karmic connections, representing my thoughts, as well as a reminder of the kind guru Lamasang, his wishes for us, and hope that you have read it and are thinking about it.
A pure Samaya or good connection between the teacher and the students is more important than anything, but an impure connection is more harmful than anything.
I myself and the great Sangha here, which you trust and support, have been moving forward on the pure path, pursuing the profound wisdom through learning and practicing Dharma harmoniously and diligently.
Therefore, on behalf of the great and peaceful community here, I thank all of you very much for your unconditional support and kindness.
Challenges and obstacles appear often in our lives and on the path, but they are only a part of our individual Karma, and we should be able to process them along the path of our Dharma practices.
I am praying for all of you to possess peace, good health, prosperity, harmony, and happiness in your lives, and most importantly to live with pure Dharma in the year of the iron ox.
Thank you so much and many tashe delegs.


Hungkar Dorje Rinpoche