The Amazing Story Behind 100-Year-Old Lady

One morning of the 11th day of the 8th month of Tibetan calendar, when we visit some families of Gotsa lineage living around our monastery, we celebrate those who reach the age of 80 and auspicious 100th-birthday of a lady of the Ra family, Dondrub Drolma. This is the first time I have seen someone who can live up to 100 years. These people, who have reached the age of 100 years, are extremely rare. We all wish for this longevity, the fruition of merits. Accomplishment of longevity not only gives us a long life, as said by Lama Togden Tso, it also helps others live long.

Dondrub Drolma, the old lady of the Ra family of Gotsa lineage, lives happily with all five generations at her home. And this is her account:

When I was about thirty five years old, the Lord of Siddhas, Padma Tumdrak Rolwe Dorje Sang came to this house, gave the long life empowerment and performed the ritual of summoning the longevity for everyone here. When the precious teacher concluded the ritual, a miraculous sign arised — his long-life arrow became longer. He usually put that arrow in a box at his house. When Lama Sang came and took the arrow out of the box, we think it was for empowering and summoning the long life for Lama Sang. Lama Sang then recited to summon the longevity. And when he prepared to leave, the people were about to put the arrow back in the box. They wondered how they should do that. No matter how they tried, the arrow could not fit in the box. It had become longer than before. At that time, Lama Sang drew up the long-life arrow and taught us with certainty: “The fact that the arrow has become longer is definitely a sign of accomplishment.” This is what he explained to our family.


Tibetan-English Translator: Chánh Nhân

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