Lama Sang’s Anniversary

 Dear all Dharma friends,

Hope everyone is good with your life stuff and Dharma practices.

Here, I want to remind those who followed Lama sang as root teacher important time to remember him. Lama Sang passed away on the 2d but it was not the day we did ceremony so called offer his remains. We kept him in his room for 9days for him to rest in the mother natural. The lamas did a special prayers to request him heading on the way to benefit all beings on the 10th. There for, we do the anniversary on the 9-10 every year.

As we know that to remember doing anniversaries of the lama through offerings and prayer ceremonies is very very important for the followers to grow pure realization and to accumulate perfect merits to bring us on the path without obstacles.

Our monastery is holding the 8th anniversary for lama son from today until tomorrow evening. There for, you also will attend this great gathering through your own understanding and practice of guru yoga.

I have received donations through Mr. May and lotsawa in VN and some other people, we have a good tradition to use these kind donations very carefully. I and all the sangha appreciate for your generosity and we will dedicate the great virtue all beings including yourself and the people who are close to you.

Thank you so much!


Hungkar 2017.3.6