The program “15 millions of Guru Mantras to offer our Gurus” & Praying for Amala’s health


Dear Dharma friends,


A.   The program “15 MILLIONS GURU MANTRAS TO OFFER OUR GURUS” (starting from 31.3.23 to 14.8.23) will continue to receive registrations and accumulations will be counted from the time of registration.

? The number of participants registered: 151
? The total Guru mantras registered: 15 876 289
? Total times of recitations of the Prayer for Guru’s longevity registered: 60 495

List of participants:


B. Amala is the noble Dakini Degar Drolma, the consort of Lama Sang. Amala is 84 years old and has many health problems. Amala has had eye surgery and is having surgery for her eye next month.

We invite you to pray and dedicate merit for longivity of all VAJRA MASTERS and Amala as well.? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
May Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in ten directions give blessing and support. ??????
Namo Guru ??????